To be published  by Ponder Review in December 2017

“Terry, can you come into my office?”

“Yessir, Sarge. What’s up?”

“Wait ‘til I close the door.”

“Sounds serious.”

“It is, Terry. The commander-in-chief insists I let you go.”

“That’s crazy, Sarge. Why?”

“He’s got a thing about transgenders in the military.”

“Good gods, why?”

“I think he’s been talking to alt-right people.”

“You mean Hera.”

“I didn’t say that. But she’s had it in for you for a long time.”

“About 25 centuries. Sarge, I admit I didn’t see this coming. But then, I never asked the birds about my own future.”

“He talked about this a while back, but I didn’t think he’d do it.”

“Does he have any idea what I do? You know, I’m good.”

“I know, Terry. Damned good.”

“I mean, when we need to anticipate what that crazy Persian imam will do, or that Russian neo-czar, or those Nile barbarians . . . .”

“Terry, I couldn’t agree more. Just when we need the best oracle on earth today . . . .”

I can’t show you the rest until Ponder Review gets it in print. Come back in late December.  Meantime, use your imagination: What ending is appropriate for a conflict between our current president and a blind prophet who first showed up in Sophocles’ plays?



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