Flights of Fancy

I remember long ago a late-season freshet of snow that was briefly blizzard-like, then melted away when the sun came out. Might make the setting, I thought, for a romance lasting little longer.
Some magazines care more about language than character, setting or plot: “work that takes the earthly and makes it ethereal,” one says; others seek “flights of fancy”…”poignant memories”…”explorations of language”. Not my usual style, but fun to try, and this story became a vehicle for florid writing.
I first titled it “Spring Snow”; but as rejection slips came in, I changed the season to appeal to magazines publishing later in the year. It’s out now in a magazine with the quirky title “Door = Jar”. It’s print-only, available at Amazon et al, but you can read my short-short “Autumn Snow” ==>>here.