It was titled “Second Chances” when I wrote it, a germ of Two Sisters (square)an idea spun into a short story that I knew would have limited or no appeal to the young adults, MFA students, who edit many of the country’s literary magazines. I sent it out to several anyway. No takers.
   Then I stumbled across the word limerence. I had to look it up to be sure I knew the meaning. Sure enough, it exactly described the mindset of my protagonist. So I renamed the story — and inserted a definition before the story began, since I assumed most readers wouldn’t recognize the word any more than I had.
    Now I had a story unlikely to interest younger editors or readers, titled with a word few would know, with a dull dictionary definition preceding the story. Where to send it?
    Aha! I remembered two sisters based in Michigan who run a monthly online contest, and had liked but ultimately not picked an earlier story of mine. While not nearly as ancient as I, they might be open to this unusual story.
    They were: It’s one of two ($75) prizewinners this month. You can read it by clicking ==>>here 

2 thoughts on “Limerence

  • Don,

    This is fabulous backstory! We didn’t know the meaning of “limerence,” but we are always intrigued to learn new words. Including the definition was also very clever because you resolved the “what the heck is this story called…?” question immediately.

    Thank you for thinking of our contests and congratulations again!

    Sincerely, Catherine & Elizabeth

  • Hi Don! Your story is brilliant and beautiful! I LOVE how you selected that awesome word for the title and put the definition at the top. THEN you used one of my favorite words: assuage. OMG. We are so thrilled to showcase your exceptional writing. Celebrate and please keep sharing your creations with the world!

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