The End or The Beginning

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to begin the short story that ended up being called “Orchestral Passions”. I began it in June   of 2021, mid-pandemic; I found myself listening to a recording of a favorite opera, Salomé, and wistfully imagined enjoying a concert performance in Hartford’s premier showplace, The Bushnell.
That musing morphed into an older woman’s musings on love and lust at such a performance. I imagined her looking forward to really getting to know the granddaughters whose company the pandemic had denied her.
I sent it off to several magazines, but was especially hopeful about The American Writer, which had published two of my earlier stories and whose theme for the next issue was “The End or The Beginning.”
Sure enough, they took it. This is one of the few literary magazines nowadays that are not online, but available only in print (at Amazon or Barnes&Noble); but you can read my contribution ==>right here