To be published by Periwinkle Literary Magazine in ?June? 2020

 “Jessamine, I really don’t want you going through my bureau drawers.”

“Mom, would you rather the moving men do it tomorrow?”

“I’d rather just go on living here and maintain my privacy.”

“Of course. We’ve been through all this. Mrs. McGarry can’t come anymore. She’s no spring chicken herself, and she’s having a knee replacement.  What’s this in the underwear drawer?”

“That? A lavender sachet. Couldn’t we get someone else meantime?”

“Lavender? Here, you take a sniff!”

“I know, dear. Its fragrance has diminished. Attenuated, your father would have said. He loved words.”

“I’d call it ancient. Withered.”

“Careful, my darling daughter. You could be describing your own mother.”


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