Work Rules

To be published by American Writers Review in mid-June 2020

It was early in the Korean War. Halfway through college, I had come “home” to Ohio, a thousand miles from the town in which I’d grown up and graduated high school; my folks had moved during my sophomore year.

I needed to make money that summer toward the college year ahead. Happily, the economy was robust; my recollection is that I lined up the first factory job of my life without needing the intervention of my father — who was of the managerial persuasion but hadn’t been in town long enough to be of much help.

I had been three weeks at that job when I overslept. I woke with a sickening jolt an hour after stifling the windup alarm by my bed — far too late to be at work on time. In a teen-age funk, I assumed all was lost.

. . . . . .


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