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An insanely huge honorarium for a 2018 Joe Biden speech at a Connecticut college was a back-of-the-paper item last week in both the Hartford Courant and the Connecticut Post. Both newspapers missed what I thought the key element: Had someone found a way to make a tax-deductible campaign contribution?
Two decades ago, with a bully pulpit of my own and the resources that went with it, I’d have happily chased it down myself. Instead, I wrote to a couple of next-generation journalistic pals suggesting they take a closer look.
Hearing nothing, I grew impatient, and decided to get the idea out for everyone to think about. My letter to the editor (the shortest thing I’ve ever had on that page!) is in the July 16 Courant. Read it ==>>here:


My new digs

My apartment from courtyard

After 51 years in a big three-story house on Ridgefield Street in Hartford’s Blue Hills neighborhood, it’s taken a lot of de-cluttering, but I’m ensconced in this lovely apartment in the Seabury Retirement Community in Bloomfield. It’s one of the few one-story apartments in the whole complex; I share this courtyard (and rose garden down the middle) with a baker’s dozen neighbors. And I’m now less than five minutes away from Brad, who’s at The Meadows, Seabury’s memory support unit. Our miniature poodle Kuro-chan (“Little Blackie” in Japanese — look hard, he’s in the photo, on the walk) lives with me, but comes along on visit to the Meadows, where absolutely everyone wants to pet him.