How to make political gifts tax-deductible?

If I want to give $124,515 to a presidential candidate, my fellow taxpayers won’t help me.

On the other hand, if that money is given to a tax-exempt foundation, someone gets a huge tax deduction. And if the foundation – say, the one supposedly supporting Southern Connecticut State University – hires Joe Biden to give a 2018 lecture, and hands him a $124,515 honorarium, it sounds very much as though someone found a way to have taxpayers subsidize a political gift.

Biden’s speech, bankrolled by the SCSU Foundation, was reported last week. Connecticut’s attorney general has the authority to find out who gave that much money to the foundation, and who suggested getting Biden to speak for that incredible fee. I hope he’ll exercise that authority.

Don Noel, Bloomfield

July 16, 2019


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