Works in Progress

This is where I post pieces of writings that I’m working on, or that have been submitted to various litmags but haven’t yet been accepted.  I’d love to have reaction/suggestions.  Does the opening bore you, or make you want to keep reading? Are characters believable?  Situation credible? Etc

  • Gigolo
    Jennie and the orchestra were belting out Cole Porter. Quick-quick, slow: When they beginthe beguineit brings back a nightof tropical splendor… “He has a pigeon,” Sasha whispered as we passed at the swinging kitchen doors. “Same woman, three numbers now. On the far side, where I’m serving.” Sasha was my best friend at the Paradise Inn. She’d helped me get the job, and volunteered to help keep my boyfriend Roberto in line. No: to get him back into line. I could see him in my mind’s eye: a handsome young man dancing with an older woman. A few open steps, in perfect time with the music, then wheeling. Nice variations. Roberto was a great dancer; we’d met in a dance hall. Medium-tall, guapo handsome, hair ebon. A weight-lifter’s chest. His short tuxedo with its pegged waist and brocade -- almost like a toreador’s jacket -- showed it off. What mattered was how close they were dancing. 1
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