A struggle of strawberries

My short story “Strawberries” is a personal favorite that draws on a flood of memories, but it’s had a hard time seeing the light of day. It was accepted four years ago by The Violet Hour, a literary magazine that went defunct a few months later. When I finally figured that out, I sent the story off to another magazine called Aftermath. It, too, went out of business, although it took me long months to discover that my story was still homeless.
Discouraged, I sat on it for more than a year before trying Halfway Down the Stairs, an online-only magazine that had meanwhile taken another of my stories. They accepted it in three weeks; you can read it now ==>>here


One thought on “A struggle of strawberries

  • Don Noel really captured that feeling of joy when I, as an upstate New Yorker, would pile myself and three kids in the car with sand buckets or metal pails and go strawberry picking. The smell and taste of ripe berries in the sun is still with me. We would have home-made strawberry shortcake for dinner that night. Altho, I and one daughter loved strawberry rhubarb pie, also. You captured the sights and smells of those early summer days. Thanks for recreating it all for me in this charming story, Don. We learn that memories never die, no matter where you end up living!

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