For my Seabury friends

I read you four stories this afternoon. Thinking some might want to re-read them,

I thought I’d make them easy to find right here at my blog:

Find Keepsakes, that Ursula and I read to you, ==>>here

Find For Unpolished Beauty, ranching near the High Sierra, ==>>here

Find Time Passing, emphasizing a place called November Falls, ==>>here

And find Strawberries, baking a pie for a lost husband, ==>>here

For a replay of my reading (helped by Ursula Korzenik, go ==>>here

Enjoy! And thanks for giving me an audience!


One thought on “For my Seabury friends

  • Don, so enjoyed your reading and came here to finish November Falls story. Such a touchingly well handled tale of which we here at Seabury are so familiar with. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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